Faculty Grant Tool Kits and Web Resources

New to Grant Writing? Be sure to watch this video!

A Quick List of Very Helpful Tool Kits and Websites:

Planning for Grants – Calendar of Funding (UC Berkeley)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Tool Kits – (University of Texas at Austin COLA Grant Services)

UMassAmherst General Grant Tool Kits

Proposal Preparation Guides (College of William and Mary)

Proposal Writing Short Course (Foundation Center)

Tips and Hints for talking with your Program Officer (UMassAmherst)

IACUC and IRB Help (UMassAmherst)

Academic Fundraising (Grants and Donations) (Michigan State University Libraries)

GENERAL Resources for All Grant Seekers:

NSF Overview

HHS Overview

NIH Overview

EPA Overview

US Department of Education

Science Careers: Great Advice for NSF and NIH

Other University Links for Funding Opportunities and Helpful Tips:

The University of Florida Libraries is Amazing. Bess de Farber is the Goddess of Grants!

Duke University Research and Funding

Iowa State University

UC Berkeley Funding Resources

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